13 November, 2010

November Snow

The English House Sparrows think so.

"What is this stuff?"
A very wet female English House Sparrow.
A bird's got to eat.
So do the grey squirrels.
Not only wet, a few patches of fur are missing from this guy's back.
the house finches and the goldfinches
Look how much smaller the gold finch is than the female house finch.
Didn't know the house finch was a wader. ;-)
If you look cloesly, you can see the drops being slung off by the female house finch.
The little goldfinch seems to shed water a bit better than the house finches and sparrows.
and the cardinals.
A little rain doesn't make the female cardinal any less lovely.
Even the American crows agree that it is a cold, wet day.
The crows were a little subdued. This one even looks a little pensive.
The snow is still on the ground with more to come. :-(
But what did we expect, it is November after all.


  1. Hi Wilma,

    Lovely to see the rainy post:)It's been ages since we last saw the rain.Winter hasn't yet arrived here.A wintery feeling from your post is a lovely feeling.Nice images.So long.Enjoy your weekend.


  2. I can feel the cold here, brrrrr.
    I expect we'll be getting snow soon. The poor birds all look in a state of shock, seeing that on the ground.
    That Cardinal is a beauty.

  3. Shantana -- just like with birds, we wish for what we don't have. ;-) Thanks for visiting and commenting. Good to see you blogging again.

    Keith -- Glad you like the cardinal. She looks a bit drier today! But it is starting to snow again ...



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