24 November, 2010

More Belize Dragonflies

Back on October 25th  I posted some Belize dragonfly photos and asked for help with IDs.  Doug Taron of Gossamer Tapestry kindly used his expertise to ID some of them as tropical dashers and a great pondhawk.  Thanks, Doug! 

After that post, I continued to take photos of the incredible dragonfly activity and got a little more experience in sneaking up on them.  Below are some of the later photos.   
Here is the great pondhawk again.  I just love that green.
This one has some pollen on one of its wings.
They seemed to like to perch on the clothesline.
When you enlarge this image, the wing patches seem to be a dark green color.
Is this the same kind as the one that has the pollen its wing?

So many dragonflies in the air almost made me feel that I was suffocating.
This one has a purplish thorax and mauve abdomen.  Never seen one like it before. Randy Emmet has suggested this is a roseate skimmer and after looking at on-line references, I am inclined to agree.  Thanks, Randy!
Additional ones can be seen in my Belize Dragons 2010 Picasa Album. I am hoping for more help from Doug. ;-)

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  1. wow that's a very impressive sight. I love your sky picture covered with dragon! Looks like a Harry potter scene ;-) I'm surprised you still have them in October. Your close-up pictures are splendid!

  2. Another great set of dragons Wilma.
    That must have been quite a sight to see so many like that.

  3. Nice shots Wilma.
    You have certainly become good at "sneaking up". {:)

  4. Costas -- thank you. :-)

    Chris -- The dragonflies filled the sky every sunny day we were there. It was amazing to see.

    Keith -- It was a sight that had to be seen to be believed.

    Roy -- the hard part about sneaking up is to refrain from slapping at biting insects that were around. I looked a sight covered with bites. But I would (and probably will) do it again. ;-)

    cheers to all,

  5. Wilma: What a wonderful experience. I would have been more than delighted to have seen the purple one or the one with the banded wings. What a great sight to have so many flying overhead as in your picture.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Wilma, glad you liked the spider web photo :-) Although your photo of all those dragons in the air together is much more appealing to me ! I wish I had the time to visit you more often, but, I'm so busy! I'll be back when I can though :-)

  7. Hi Wilma...I'm here from my new blog:) Love your dragonfly shots!The last one is exceptionally beautiful!! I also like the one with the wing patches.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I love those photos. Wow - a swarm! Thought you might enjoy my (pre-Christmas?) dragon ... here on my blog, Wild and Wonderful. Greetings from Wales, UK. Found you via Kanak's blog!

  9. Wow that was quite a swarm of dragons. I am lucky to see two or three at the same time. Great shots Wilma.

  10. Lovely sharp images the light looks better at your location than London currently.

  11. Wilma,
    Great shots, just love the clothes line dragonfly. The pink one might be a Roseate Skimmer, these are found in the southern US, not sure if they make it to Belize or not.

  12. Stunning collection Wilma,love your third image.

  13. Hi Wilma, its been a while since I've left a comment, and made good reading, catching up, especially the warmth of your location viewed from a snowy UK. BTW my blog's have been deleted, and now I just have this one "Tales of a Wessex Reiver".

  14. Emma -- it was a great experience, and apparently seomthing that happens yearly in Belize. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

    Warren -- thanks for stopping by, just visit when you can. Blogs, writing and reading, should be a treat rather than a chore. ;-)

    Kanak -- thanks! I did a quick look at your new blog and will go back for more.

    Caroline -- thanks for visiting and commenting. I have enjoyed looking at your blog; those dragonflies were wonderful!

    John -- there were almost too many to choose from and most of them remained airborn. They flew like that every sunny day we were there, amazing to see.

    Anthony -- I am longing for that light myself too, now that we are back in Minnesota.

    Randy -- thanks! I will check out the roseate skimmer as an ID when my home internet signal is restored. I am "borrowing" this signal right now. The signal is a little weak but beggars can't be choosers. ;-)

    John -- so glad you like them.

    Andrew - I wondered where you were! Mystery solved. Thanks for commenting

    cheers to all,

  15. Great captures Wilma.I remember when last year the drangoflies were all around it was like an addiction to be running after them.But,guess this year with the tiny one keeping me on my toes I haven't even gone out much..lol

    We are off on vacation so wish you a Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year!!!


  16. The photos are wonderful, but you'll get no ID help from me. I will be looking to you for that help in a few months.

  17. Shantana -- nothing like a child to change your priorities. :-) Wishing you happy holidays and wonderful new year as wll.

    Chris -- That is what I like about natural history blogs, you can learn so much from your fellow bloggers. I'm looking forward to your Belize blogs.


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