02 June, 2022

Fishy Goings On In Dallas

My brother, who came to be with me for my eye surgery, and I both arrived in Dallas on Saturday afternoon (night in my case) before my Monday procedure.  We had all day Sunday to play!  It was very hot with highs in the mid- 90sF (~35C), putting  indoor activities on the agenda.  We spent the morning at the Dallas World Aquarium, which also includes an indoor zoo specializing in tropical and subtropical habitats.  In fact, with the zoo portion being larger than the aquarium, the name is a little misleading.  The photos below show that there were plenty of fish and marine habitats, though!  It was crowded on a Sunday morning, but still had plenty of room for folks of all ages to take their time and enjoy the exhibits at their own pace.  

Axolotl.  These are a kind of salamander that never go beyond their aquatic juvenile phase.  They look like little dragons with their neck ruffles of gills. 
One of the coolest features was the glass people tunnel that ran along the bottom of the large cenote aquarium with sharks, rays, sawfish, stingrays, and groupers.  It was so cool to see these huge creatures swimming over and around you.
The flamingo exhibit overlooks the cenote aquarium.  You can see part of the submerged glass people tube at the center bottom of the photo.

Here is the people tube from a different angle running along the bottom edge of the photo.
Inside the tube, it is hard to see the boundary between the air and the water.  It looks like this sawfish is making a beeline for my brother!
Lots more to the zoo/aquarium, but that's it for this post; more next time.

Parasol ceiling art at the Thai diner where we ate lunch.