29 January, 2014


Yea!  Our Rochester home of 20 years has now been sold to the delightful Dawn.  
Look at the snow-covered ground and the flag flapping in the 20 mph wind!
I have been in Rochester these last few weeks to finally wrap things up.  Moved the furnishings that we did not sell into storage until we have them shipped to Belize, changed mailing addresses, canceled utilities, and the million other things moving entails.  

Of course all this had to happen during some of the most brutally cold weather to hit Minnesota since the winter of 1993-94, which coincidentally was our first winter in Minnesota.  The actual low temperatures were in the -20s F (-30s C), with dangerous windchills that can give unprotected skin (like faces) frostbite in less than 10 minutes making it feel at east 15 degrees colder!  Got all the moving done with the help of good friends - thank you Darren, Kurt, Coleton, Vivian, Gloria, and Ken for risking frostbite in my time of need! And thanks also to our wonderful Realtors, Cyndee and Ray Neis, who kept such a good eye on the house while we were out of the country and found the perfect person to buy it.

It has been sad to leave this lovely home in which we enjoyed living for 20 years; I shed a few tears as I packed mementoes, sold family heirlooms, and took last looks onto favorite vistas.  But the sadness is mitigated by Dawn's enthusiasm for and appreciation of the house and our improvements to it.  Dawn - we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

I won't be sad to leave winter behind (perhaps forever) and return to Belize tomorrow.  I am looking forward to rejoining Dennis and thawing out my popsicle toes in sun-warmed sand.  

Regular blogging will resume next week.  :-)