08 December, 2014

December Rainbows

This evening, as the sun was nearing the western horizon, Dennis came in to tell me there was a magnificent rainbow out front.  I grabbed my camera and managed to get these shots before the sun disappeared behind some low clouds.
An intense double rainbow.
Seemingly coming straight up out of the sea.

I have never been able to detect this many bands of color in a rainbow.
I did not enhance these images at all, except to make full use of the histogram (i.e. go from black all the way to white). No adjustments were made to color balance or saturation.

As the light faded I turned to take photos of our beach in the last of the sun.
Soft golden light and long shadows fall on the sand and sea. 
 All too soon, the brief tropical twilight doused the rainbow and cloaked the beach; the magic light was gone, replaced by the dark of night.