30 March, 2024

One for the Road

More catch up today with the last of Becki's visit.  We went out into Black Creek in the kayaks one morning.  It was a lovely day with beautiful sunshine, but not too hot.  Black Creek is really a tidal lagoon fed by a couple of small fresh water streams.  Black Creek lagoon is behind our property and we have a little landing there for boat access; sort of a back entrance to our property.  The lagoon is usually very calm and flat - perfect for Becki's first time in a kayak.
Perfect morning on Black Creek lagoon.
She's a natural!  We explored the entire lagoon, spotting moon jelly fish gently pulsating through the tea-colored water, white ibises feeding back in the mangroves, bare-throated tiger herons pretending not to be there, chattering kingfishers annoyed by our presence, shadowy tarpons zooming up out of the deep spots.  It is a magical place.
Venturing up a small feeder creek.
Back on dry land, we did some container gardening on the back veranda under the protection of the shade cloth.
Lettuce in the foreground, Becki is planting the shishito peppers.
This little pepper plant and its mate are still growing strong 13 months later.  More peppers than I can count.
Much too soon, it was time for Becki to leave us.  But first a beer flight of local brews before her flight home.
At Di Bruwry on Airport Road.  Home of Belikin beer and more!
I'll close this post out with the ever popular sunrises and rainbows - no words necessary.

23 March, 2024

More than a year ago

Steve (of Shadows and Light fame) has motivated me to get off the "inactive blog" list and start writing posts again, so you can blame him!  But all the blame is with me for not having posted anything in well over a year!  How did that happen?  Well, it started like this . . .

In February of 2023, my lovely niece Becki came to visit us.  This was her second trip to Belize and, I am hopeful, the second in a long string of trips in the future.  This time, like the first time, she came to join me at a yoga retreat.  The first retreat, which was fabulous, was at Ray Caye and you can read about it here and here and here. In 2023, the retreat was at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Resort in Maya Mountains of Belize, also fabulous. 

But first!  Big change - cut off my long hair which had grown so much during covid! 

16 inches of braided, grey hair sent off to Locks of Love.

I was so relieved to have short hair again!  I felt pounds lighter.

My friend Melanie, who joined us on the yoga retreat, and I drove up to the Philip Goldston International Airport in Ladyville, Belize to pick up Becki.  Good tidings were foretold by the rainbow over the airport while we waited for Becki to clear customs and immigration.
Double rainbow for double goodness.

Rainbow in rearview, the three of drove to the stunning Sleeping Giant Rainforest Resort for the yoga retreat.  The grounds were so lush.
Resort grounds with path to the swimming pool.

The pool.
We were in a creekside suite which looked out across the Sibun River Valley.  In front of our suite was a koi pond fed by gurgling creek.  We were surrounded by beauty you could see, smell, and hear.
View from the private veranda of our room.

Koi pond in the rain
Also beauty you could taste - the food was as lovely as my companions!
Becki and Melanie at dinner.

Our yoga sessions were at various locations in the expansive resort.
Sunrise yoga at the riverside pavilion.

We also had sessions adjacent to a creek way back in the jungle and another on a deck overlooking the valley.  Everywhere the walking paths were lined with amazing plants that hosted multitudes of birds and other wildlife.  The paved paths between the resort buildings wound through beautifully tended, yet natural looking, gardens.
Ginger flowers.


The reddest hibiscus I have ever seen!

Rougher trails criss-crossed creeks over hammock bridges and climbed up mountains, sometimes with steps and other times with only rope handholds with which to pull yourself up the cliff sides.

Limestone cliff behind those trees.

Catching my breath as I look down the steps I just climbed.

Flowers and ferns on the cliff face.

Becki, puling herself up the mountainside.

And contemplating how much further there is to go . . . .

View of the Sibun River Valley from the mountaintop gazebo.

Panoramic View.  All of the forested area is part of a national forest reserve.

After the hike

That was 13 months ago and so much has happened since then.  More to come.