21 January, 2022

Becki and I Fly to Dangriga

The day before Becki's departure back to the US, we planned a fun day that would eventually get us to Belize City before nightfall.  We arranged for Jonathan Urbina, an amazing birding guide, to meet us super early in the coastal town of Dangriga for some birding before heading north to Belize City with stops at St. Herman's Cave and Blue Hole National Park, Belize Bird Rescue, and the birder-friendly Captain Hook's Shrimp Farm.  To make our schedule, we left our place while it was still dark at 5:30AM, boating in light drizzle conditions to Placencia where we met up with Walter, my favorite taximan, who took us to the Placencia airstrip for our 7:00AM flight to Dangriga.

Still drizzling for departure.

Uh oh - we are not heading in the direction I thought we should be!  Did we get on the wrong flight?
I had a fleeting second of panic when it seemed we were heading south instead of north, but I quickly realized that we were going to make a stop at the Savannah airstrip just outside the village of Independence .

I haven't flown into the airstrip for quite a few years.
This airstrip is home to only one commercial airline - Maya- but is the base for a crop dusting enterprise.
Two of the crop dusting planes.
I'm not sure which crops they cover, but I can hear the planes zooming back forth on many mornings before it is well and truly light.

I bet the crop dusters have to be careful not to contaminate any of the numerous shrimp farms.

This is a huge banana farm near the village of Riversdale.

A couple of resorts at the north edge of the coastal village of Hopkins.

I believe this is the village of Silk Grass.  The Southern Highway cuts across the upper lefthand corner of the image.  
We arrived in Dangriga about 15 minutes late due to the weather.
Dangriga Airstrip just ahead.

A textbook perfect landing, smooth as silk.

Take heed!

Pretty landscaping at the Maya Island Air Terminal.
Jonathan arrived a few minutes after we did - he had an early start driving from the town of San Ignacio - and we were off for our day of sightseeing and birding.


  1. That is the way to get about Wilma. Hope we are going to see some bird photos.

    1. The puddle jumper flights are pretty cheap and it was the best way to make the most of Becki's last full day in Belize. Too bad the weather was iffy most of the day. The birds were not cooperative, although we did see some good ones! a Few photos in the upcoming posts.

    2. Love the name 'Puddle Jumper'

  2. A great way to travel and incredible views!

    1. The aerial views are so interesting. Plus it was the only way to get to Dangriga so early. We could have taken an express bus out of Independence, but there is no way I am riding a bus with covid like it is. On the 12 seater plane, we were 2 of 4 passengers for the 25 minute flight; much less risky.

  3. Becki is going to go home with so many incredible memories. And photos!

    1. I hope it is enough to entice her come back soon. Sometimes we need to get jolted out of our routine and experience more of Belize than just our backyard.


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