19 December, 2021

Sunny Scenes From A Yoga Retreat on Ray Caye

Lots of photos today from a yoga retreat I went to back in May.  It was held on Ray Caye Private Island Resort and was real treat.  The retreat was led by the lovely Brice Dial, who owns Positive Vibrations Yoga in Placencia.  Brice made arrangements with the management at Ray Caye for an exceptionally good deal for the 20 of us who participated in the retreat - a sort of a post-lockdown soft-reopening for the resort.  We traveled on a large boat from Wild Orchid docks (Ray Caye's landside partner) on the Placencia Lagoon the 20 or so miles east out to Ray Caye.  The trip takes a little more than hour.

One of the Ray Caye boats.
All the Placencia businesses keep their big boats on the lagoon side of the Placencia Peninsula.
Departing from Wild Orchid Dock.
We arrived at Ray Caye, and did a quick temp scan and handwash before enjoying our welcome drinks.
Traditional Caribbean Rum Punch Welcome Drink.

Check out the cute garnish.
Then we checked into our rooms and got sorted before our first yoga practice.
View off the balcony of the room Melanie and I shared.
Most of the practices were held at the fitness studio, a nice open space that allowed us to forego masks for our sessions.
Plenty of room to spread out.
Brice had a lovely bag of goodies for us.
All kinds of Belizean treats in the bag.

Plus a scented candle.
After 2 yoga practices, we enjoyed our dinners at the open air restaurant.
Seafood pasta with clams.

Other practices were held on a platform above the sea.
Heading out to the platform for a practice.

The sunrise and sunset practices were especially wonderful out on the platform.  Note the solar panels that cover the walkway.
We also had time to explore the little caye and try out a kayak.  Other people went sailing, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, or just chilling by the pool.
Another view of the caye.

The food was delicious with many of the salad items grown right on the caye.  The head gardner gave me tour of the greenhouse, of which he is rightfully proud!
Arugula, tomatoes, basil, hot and sweet peppers in the greenhouse

Open air restaurant.
It was time depart before it seemed possible.
Casting off from the dock.

Incredible water

Farewell, Ray Caye.
It was an amazing time, not least because it was the first time I had socialized in over a year.  And the venue was perfect because we were outside most of the time in gorgeous surroundings.  I particularly enjoyed not having to cook!  I enjoyed it so much that I went another yoga retreat there in October (equally wonderful) and am signed up for the next one in January.


  1. Everything looks perfect: the water, the platform, the greenhouse, the restaurant, the welcome drinks., the food. (Why emphasis on open space? The virus is everywhere , open or close).

    1. It was pretty perfect, Duta. Regarding open space - the scientific evidence has demonstrated pretty clearly that good ventilation minimizes the chance of catching covid. Of course all bets are off with omicron!


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