10 December, 2021

Butterfly Union

Over the last 5 days or so, I spent a lot of time preparing a blog post with photos and videos.  I pressed "publish" and anxiously awaited feedback from my legions of followers (i.e., all 3).  Imagine my disappointment when no one even viewed it, much less commented!  Had the butterfly union managed to stifle it?  Further investigation with the requested aid of Mitchell (see his blog here) indicated that the new post just wasn't showing up in blog feeds.  To subvert (countervert?) the subversive actions of the butterfly union, please follow this link to view "The Destructive Power of Butterflies".  In the meantime here's this teaser for a future post on our recent trip up the Sennis River.


  1. I wondered what had happened to you 'test video' post. The title showed on my side bar list of new posts but clicking on it took me to a different post on your blog. Blogger can be very frustrating at times.

    1. Looks like the blog feed is still not working. Thanks for commenting so I can tell that you were able to see this post.

    2. My comment was about your original problem when that one post of yours showed the title in my side bar but didn't direct me where it was meant to. Possibly Blogger slightly corrupted something when it was uploaded. All seems to be working properly since then.

    3. I hope so, thanks for letting me know!


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