13 December, 2021

Out to See the Sea

The weather this October and November was some of the finest we have ever had anytime of the year.  I took advantage of that by getting out the kayak and getting onto the sea 3 times so far. 

The first trip was a shakedown cruise after having not been in kayak for a while (except for a test run several months ago while at a private island resort - more later!).

My "sit on top" sea kayak, ready to launch.
In the water again.
I had planned to make a short paddle heading north and sticking close to shore.  However, the perfect conditions seduced me and I wound up paddling out to and around Great Monkey Cay (pronounced "key") before coming back home.
The north tip of Great Monkey Cay is at the right.  Those are the Maya Mountains on the far horizon.
As I headed back toward shore, a light breeze picked up and I got a bit of a workout paddling against the wind.  It felt wonderful!

The Google Earth image below show the 3 trips I made.  This first one is in turquoise.

More kayaking to come.


  1. Well it's wonderful to find your blog again Wilma and that you are posting regularly, you make life look so wonderful, despite the incident to you and your dog. Certainly, as we here in the UK are in the depths of a damp and gloomy winter with very little sun, your life has much to be envied.

    1. It was almost 3 years since I had blogged last, Derek! There is lots to be envied here, but it has lots of challenges too. Working hard right now to reinforce our seawall so the beach doesn't wash away. Never-the-less, I can't imagine being happy living elsewhere.

  2. So happy to see the workout you had (and the fact that you could do it)! Again, what an idyllic place. Too far from the nearest caf├ęs and shops for me, but still a paradise.

    1. A couple of accessible cafes and restaurants would be a huge improvement to our quality of life, Mitchell! The nearest places are at least a 40 minute boat ride away with complicated logistics to get there and back. I can do without the shopping - I hate shopping in stores. It makes me dizzy and unable to think clearly.


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