26 October, 2010

Out of Order in Belize :-)

This should have been my second posting for our Belize trip, but it didn’t get posted due to hurricanes and lack of internet connections when I wrote it. So here it is, out of order:

Belize, Day 2
Joy very thoughtfully had awaiting us in our cabana several vases of flowers, 2 bunches of sweet little bananas, and 3 papayas – all from our yard.
The rain started to fall just as we finished getting everything into the cabana. We puttered around, getting the groceries put away and generally trying to make headway in getting things sorted out, which is a challenge in a cabana that is fairly small with limited storage space.
When the rain stopped I went outside to check on the plants and see how they had fared in the last 5 months. The native spider lilies are doing well, with quite a few in bloom. The locals consider these plants to be weeds, but we love them for their beauty and their ability to thrive in places that are too windy and sea-sprayed for other plants.
 Also of note are the white orchids that are blooming along the path to Black Creek. As I compare the photo below of the small orchid to the one above of the spider lily, I can see that the difference in their size is not very apparent.  The spider lily plants are about 6 feet wide compared to the orchid which is not even 6 inches wide. 
I also found one of the the new papaya plants that are bearing such nice looking fruit. And the best part is that they are short enough for me to reach the fruit.


  1. Its never too late for a beautiful post Wilma.
    Have a great day.

  2. Amazing to have such exotic fruit at your fingertips. It does sound like a lovely place!

  3. Well it is still nice to share it with us even if it has been delayed by mother nature. Hope everything is fine!


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