09 October, 2010

Red Squirrel, Red Trees

Another golden autumn day with this fine red squirrel posing on a stump in our side yard.  The only bad thing was that I had the ISO set quite high from yesterday evening and by the time I changed it, the squirrel had run up a tree.  :-(  Still, its not a bad shot.
And for Roy, here are a couple more autumn color shots from the grounds next to our house.
These grounds belong to the Sisters of St. Francis.  It was near their convent, Assissi Heights, that I took the photos I posted yesterday.  Only a coincidence, though.
More colors tomorrow perhaps.


  1. Three more beautiful photos, how I long for your sunny autumn days. It's years since I saw a Red Squirrel they've been driven out of our area by the very successful Grey Squirrel with was introduced from your country in the mid 19th cent.

  2. Well I think that this squirrel shot is splendid with this nice autumn colors... The trees shots are also beautiful... It is going away very quickly over here because of the wind, but it has stopped this last two days, so we hope we will be able to do some scenery with autumn colors soon!

  3. Thanks Wilma. Such beautiful autumn colours.

  4. Amazing colours this time of the year Wilma.
    Love that last one.

  5. Hi Wilma.
    Love the colour of the Autumnal leaves.
    Nice photo of the Squirrel as well.

  6. Lovely shot of the squirrel Wilma, and your autumn colours are stunning!!

  7. David - it is unseasonably warm, but I am happy with that! We have grey and red squirrrels living along side each other here in Minnesota. Farther to the south it is mostly grey squirrels because the red squirrels don't do well in the heat of the south. Too bad they can't co-exist for you.

    Chris - the autumn splendor is fading now, this was the best year for colors in some time.

    Roy - thanks. ;-) I have a few more, the last I promise, in today's post.

    Keith - thank you. The colors seemed especially intense this year.

    Ken - thank you, and thanks for visiting.

    Tony - the colors werre special this year.

    cheers to all,

  8. It's certainly alovely squirrel, Wilma. Lovely autumn colour in your pictures too.


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