25 October, 2010

Belize Dragonflies

One thing we had noticed right away when we go off the plane in Placencia was the hordes of dragon flies everywhere; we easily saw tens of thousands the afternoon of our arrival.

I have taken photos when I can, but am not familiar at all with the names or specifics (I can generally tell the difference between a dragon and damsel, but that is about it). And as I write this on the veranda I have no reference books or access to the internet, so the individuals in the photos will go un-named -- unless someone recognizes them and lets me know what they are (Help! Please!).  I will have more photos later, too.

This one I do know. ;-) It is a Tropic Air prop plane similar to the Maya Island Air prop plane on which we arrived. It is not much bigger than some of the dragons …


  1. That must have been a spectacular sight. Great pics.
    Cheers Colin.

  2. No help with IDs I'm afraid but what an amazing sight they must all be. I particularly like the one in the bottom right corner, that looked a very impressive character.

    So glad 'Richard' missed you!

    I was sure I had commented on your 'kitchen sink' post as I definitely viewed it, it made me smile all day to think someone really had taken everything plus the kitchen sink :)

  3. Not sure either about the specific species of butterfly but you have captured wonderful sharp clear images.It;s easier to identify a kitchen sink! enjoyed your previous post.

  4. The lower left corner and lower middle are tropical dashers (Microthyria sp.) I'll try to get some info on the others next week at work where I have my references.

    Doug T. Gossamer Tapestry

  5. The lower right corner is a Great Pondhawk (Erythemis vesiculosa). Your photo catches the green stigmata nicely. Would you be so kind as to drop me an email (dtaron@gmail.com)? The dragonfly migration group will be meeting in a week and a half, and I'd like to share some of your observations with the group. Thanks.

  6. Doug -- thanks for the IDs! An email is on its way.


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