28 August, 2014

August is almost gone

Here it is, already August 28th!  Where does the time go?  We finally have some relief from the weeks of windy weather that blew the sargassum seaweed ashore, although piles of sargassum linger.
Lovely, calm sea in the view looking north from our dock.
The calm weather was helpful for getting the next batch of lumber boated over.  As usual, Dennis and I are consumed by the construction process.
And our cabana as viewed from the dock.  The siding is up on the 2 gable ends of the addition.
We are making slow, but tangible, progress.
A closer view with the scaffolding moved to the inside to start on the interior roofing trusses.
A view of the north side of the addition.
Getting the first of the 5 interior roofing trusses up was a big milestone.
The first of the interior trusses is now complete.  It was a challenge to install because the west gable-end truss is not parallel to the remaining trusses.  Tricky measurements were needed.  The next ones should be easier ...
You can just make out the nylon lines that were strung to keep everything lined up right.
And here is the view from the back showing the west wall with the back door and windows.  The windowless wall is where the electrical inverter will be housed.
Like Dennis and me, Max takes a keen interest in the construction.  Every evening she makes her inspection of the day's progress.
Max on the job.
 It is tough and tiring work.
Exhausted by her efforts, Max takes a little break, still keeping one eye open.  Sort of.


  1. The building is starting to look pretty impressive from a distance already Wilma.
    When its finished and if somebody passes by they will think you are a rich Rock Star.{:))

    1. Hi Roy - thanks! Not quite rock star magnificence, but plenty grand for us. :-)


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