09 February, 2012

Blame it on the computer, or Revisiting Christmas 2011 in Georgia

My computer problems kept me from posting a blog for several months, including the holiday season.  So I am just now getting around to showing some photos that I took over Christmas; that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  ;-)

My family gathered again this year, as we have for many years now, at a state park in Georgia at Lake Russell.  The park has lakefront cottages for rent at reasonable rates.  There are some hiking trails and swimming area - it wasn't quite warm enough for swimming, but was perfect for walking - or waddling, as was the case after our various Christmas feasts.
Mist floating over the lake.  The far side is in South Carolina.

Several mornings there was a wonderful mist rising off the lake that nicely diffused the light from the rising sun.
This cottage has a ramp that leads down to the boat dock.

Great views from the cottages look across this small part of this huge lake that is actually a reservoir formed after construction of the Russell Dam across the Savannah River which is the border between Georgia and South Carolina .

Inside, the cottages are basic, but nice.  As you can see, we had the requisite chimney by which to hang our Christmas stockings.
It was just cool enough to enjoy a fire all day long.

In those stockings were little airplanes to assemble, along with candy, trinkets, oranges, games, etc.
Each little plane was a different Christmas=themed name like the "North Pole Airlines".
Outside, were the hiking trails
A little bit of the lake is visible toward the left of the photo.

with lots to see and photograph.

A lovely lichen, don't know the name.

Young sporocarps on this moss.
The recent rains brought out nice, fresh wood ear fungus, Auricularia auricla.
We had a wonderful time eating, playing, eating, hiking, eating, talking, eating, drinking.  This is a great place for family and friends to meet and enjoy each others company.
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  1. It looks a wonderful pace to spend Christmas Wilma.

    1. It is, Keith. Since my family is spread out all over the place, it is nice to convene on "neutral territory". Makes for less stress that way. ;-)

  2. Yes OK, I believe you Wilma.{:)
    Amazing scenery shots.

    1. Thanks for the trust, Roy. :-) Glad you enjoyed the scenery. I am sure you would get some wonderful shots there.


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