04 February, 2012

Around the Cabana

As you approach our cabana by boat, you can't see it until you are almost directly in front of it.  The sea grape trees, noni bushes, and dwarf yellow palms shield it from view.
The cabana is behind the trees on the right.
This view of the cabana from the dock is always a welcome sight to our eyes each time we arrive.
This is the view looking out to sea from just in front of the cabana.  The hibiscus and cana lily flowers are a glowing red.  Amazing what grows here considering that the "soil" is just sand.
Some of the hibiscus flowers are doubles.  The hummingbirds and orioles love theses flowers.
The great tailed grackles like to perch in the cercropia trees.  Lots of birds enjoy the cercropia fruits.  You can see a few of the sausage-shaped immature fruits beneath the grackle.   Turns out these relatives of mulberries, so that may explain the interest to the birds.

This is the same plant that is in the header photo with that beautiful flower - shell ginger, Alpinia zerumbet.  The foliage is lush and lovely after an early morning rain.

  This  spider lily, also called a Crinum lily, grows wild in the jungle and is very tolerant of sea spray.  The locals consider them weeds!

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  1. I can see why you love this place Wilma.
    You don't want a lodger, do you? lol

  2. Absolutely idyllic Wilma, i'm very envious!

    1. It is idyllic - in between getting the generator repaired, patching the window screen, replacing rotten boards, etc. But I love it all.

  3. wow, your own little private hide away. excellent location aswell


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