06 February, 2012

Almost Tropical

I am in Georgia, visiting my Mother again.  I was a day late getting here because my flights out of Minnesota were canceled on Friday due to fog!  It has been so warm during the day that all the moisture in the air from melting snow condenses into heavy fog during the night.

It is unseasonably warm here, almost tropical, today.  There are daffodils blooming everywhere.  My friend, Nancy, and I went for a walk and I took my camera and long lens hoping to spot the great blue heron again in the park.  It wasn't there today; I'll try again tomorrow.  But it wasn't a complete wash for the camera as you can see from the photos below.
A lovely Eastern Bluebird on a cherry tree.

Many Japanese Magnolia trees are in full bloom.
This large Japanese Magnolia, also known as Magnolia liliiflora, is putting on an extravagant show.

Also blooming are the Camellias.
The fallen red petals keep their color for quite a while, often carpeting the ground beneath the shrub with gorgeous color for a week or more.
This bush is just starting to bloom and has only a few fallen flowers.

Normally, I prefer single flowers, but I like how the the center of this type has tightly packed petals in multiple rosettes.

Now for something completely different ...

I love the name of this church.  The "Free For All Deliverance Church" - it doesn't get any better than that.  Oh, and did I mention that the church is located in the former Coca Cola bottling plant?
Plus they have this lovely yard art available to the side of the church .  The three wise men, not visible in this shot, are over next to two frogs playing golf just to the left of the mushrooms ...
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  1. Beautiful flowering bush and magnolia tree Wilma. Not so sure about the deliverance bit though.{:)

    1. Thank you, Roy. I thought that sign was too bizarre to pass up and needed to "share" it with a wider audience than this little town! ;-)

  2. That Bluebird is a lovely image as are the others.

    1. Thanks, Anthony. They are sweet little birds.

  3. Quite a difference to here where I am surrounded by melting snow which keeps freezing. Made me feel warmer to see those lovely flowers.

    1. Glad to make you feel warmer, John. :-) I am now back in the frozen north myself.


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