12 August, 2010

Summer Garden

July was a great month for our garden.  We had asiatic lilies and bee balm in a bed behind the garage.
The beds and pots around the patio created a colorful, partially shady refuge from the heat and sun.  We have eaten many dinners out here.
The daylilies made their display at the very front just next to the cul-de-sac; a wonderful welcome home greeting after a day at work.
Here is one of many monarch butterfly caterpillars eating its way to winged freedom.
It has been a glorious summer.
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  1. Beautiful garden in summer Wilma.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Your garden is beautiful,how I long for your sunny summer. It's rained for some part of the day for almost six weeks, it's because the jet stream is looping south over Northern England bringing us cloudy, cool weather and low temperatures, average daytime highs of 15-16c.

  3. A beautiful summer garden indeed Wilma.
    A lovely place to relax in after a long days work.

  4. Costas - thank you.

    David - we have had lots of sun and also lots of rain that has kept the plants looking fresh. I don't envy you your chilly weather!

    Keith - this is the best it has ever looked. I feel a great sense of peace when I am in the garden.


  5. Hi Wlima,
    Yes it looks like you got a splendid summer. As a matter of fact, we did too in Iceland, although it started slowly.... We got great vacation and beautiful sunshine days during which we could do some grill outside...
    You got beautiful pictures of your garden and I love the one of the monarch butterfly a lot!

  6. Hi Wilma, I have been away and am catching up. You have taken lots of beautiful flowers and butterflies.

  7. lovely pics.

    btw you like douglas adams? nice!

  8. Hi Wilma.
    What a great place to eat outide. How I envy you. Have you got room for another one? I can come anytime :-)

  9. Chris - I'm glad you finally had some good summer weather. I saw your puffin pictures - they are wonderful!

    Sebi - thank you.

    Roy - thank you for stopping by. It is way too easy to fall behind when you miss a few days!

    Pete - thanks. I am a real Douglas Adams fan; I gather you are too? His early death was a tragedy.

    Ken - you are welcome to join us any time. Bring Pam and we will all have fine time. Just remember - I make no promises about the quality of the food! ;-)


  10. hi wilma

    i'm afraid i'm old enough to remember listening to it on the radio before the books were published :D


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