09 August, 2010

Stargazer Lilies

Several weeks ago the Stargazer lilies were at their peak and I was able to get the photos below. Be sure to click to enlarge.
I noticed a little insect that had found a safe spot to hang out right at
the center of the flower.
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  1. Hi Wilma.
    What a beautiful flower. Lovely photographs as usual.

  2. Are you sure you haven't been sneeking into my back garden when I wasn't looking Wilma..lol.
    Fabulous blooms and super fragrance. FAB.

  3. They are a stunning flower aren't they.
    Beautiful captures Wilma.

  4. Ken - thank you. They also have a delightful fragrance. Too bad I can't get that with a camera!

    Frank - I remember your lovely stargazer photos! Aren't they fun to photograph? Almost foolproof.

    Keith - Thank you. They are one of my favorites.



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