20 August, 2010

Grackle and Woodpecker

Back in July, we had a lovely male grackle visit the bird feeders.  Although grackles are fairly common around here, they don't spend much time at feeders.  The light was really catching the blue and purple iridescence in this fellows feathers.
It joined a juvenile red-bellied woodpecker at the feeder for a bit. 

But the combined weight of the birds stretched the spring mechanism of the feeder so that the seed access holes were not aligned and neither bird could get to the seeds.  This is a pretty effective an anti-squirrel device.
Once the grackle left, the woodpecker could get to the seeds again.
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  1. Thats the strangest looking bird Wilma.

  2. What a handsome bird the Grackle is Wilma.
    Love the shots of him and the woodpecker on the feeder together.
    And a neat idea using the weight to deter squirrels.

  3. Wow that Grackle is really cute and you got nice pictures with this beautiful blue.... I would love to see woodpecker around here but that's not gonna happen ;-)

  4. Roy - which one, the grackle or the woodpecker? ;-)

    Keith - Thank you. I wish I could claim the spring mechanism as my own idea, but it is a neat idea that has more than paid for itself to the company that makes the feeders!

    Chris - glad you like the grackle and the woodpecker. I guess you will just have to make do with the photos until you manage a trip to the USA. ;-)


  5. Wilma, I meant the Grackle. Looks like a cross between our Crow and Blackbird.{:)


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