05 March, 2009

Such a long long time to be gone and short time to be there

Four more days until we reach Englishtown; not nearly soon enough, yet way too soon. We have so much to do (at work and home) before we can leave, yet we just really need to be there. So what have we packed up so far? Tools, tools, tools (including jigsaw, chain saw blade sharpener, lots of hand tools), toolboxes, bathroom faucet, stainless steel kitchen towel rods, a big box of teaching materials for St Stephen's Anglican Primary School in Monkey River Village (our neighbor Sue is school manager), unbreakable polycarbonate "outdoor" beverage glasses, black tie and cummerbund (not sure what gala event this for, but Chris, I think Sue has big social plans for you!), DVDs for Joy (she loves horror films). Because all of this will stay there when we return to Minnesota, we are prepared to pay import duties. Most of what we bring in is used, so the values on which the duty is calculated are pretty low. Belize is so small and has so little opportunity to generate income to support infrastructure that we don't begrudge the duties.

Thanks to the Grateful Dead for the lyrics used in the title of today's blog.

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  1. A view from up the beach....
    as the recipient of not one but two black bow ties and cummerbunds, I share Wilma's puzzlement at what lies in store for me. Could it be a remake of Dr No?
    To have greeted Dennis and Wilma off their plane yesterday, and taken them down to Englishtown was a long awaited delight for Sue and I.
    The amount of baggage they had(much of it for us) was astonishing. They unwound and news upodates were exchanged over dinner at Steppingstones.
    All we have to do now is convince them not to go back to the snows of Rochester.
    In the meantime-welcome snowbirds, and thanks for your help with supplies!
    Chris (call me Bond) Harris


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