29 March, 2009

Belize Blogging from Afar

Sunday, March 29, 2009
We reached Rochester at 12:45 PM Wednesday, March 25th; and both of us were back at work 45 minutes later. That was a rough transition! The good news is that our cats, including the 17 year geriatric JD, were both fine. The bad news is that, well, we are back. :-(

I posted a new set of photos in a slide show and added more images to the previous one. One is a Google Earth image that shows Englishtown and Monkey River Village to give you a better idea of how remote Englishtown is.

We came to a Minnesota just emerging from winter. The snow is gone, but the grass was still brown when we landed. The temps have dipped into the 20s at night, but the sun has been shining brightly and the grass is starting to turn green. Daffodil leaf tips are just poking up out of the ground in our yard and we have heard robins singing. It is a far cry from the seaside jungle we left behind; however we are looking forward to the incredible Minnesota summer just around the corner.

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  1. Your photos on Picassa are beautiful. I envy you your wonderful getaway (and soon to be home!)


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