21 March, 2009

The "Norther" Arrives

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Dennis, Joy, Richard, and Sue went shopping in Independence yesterday. I stayed back at the cabana and did some work for my paying job back in Minnesota. I needed peace and quiet for a couple of hours to concentrate on what I needed to do and that was the perfect time. Chris was up at SteppingStones working on landscaping, Allen was here in S. Englishtown clearing a path into the jungle. It was very quiet on the veranda and perfect for working. I only stopped twice to stretch my legs and photograph some flowers in our south lot.

The shopping crew went by boat to the Monkey River dock and then Sue drove everyone to Independence. Dennis and Richard had banking to do and then along with Joy shopped at the various little stores and markets. Dennis bought the produce, ultrapasturized milk, breakfast cereal and other items on the list and he also found some tamarind fruit pods that he knows I love. Sue had a major shopping excursion because she is stocking up for a series of guests coming to SteppingStones Fishing Resort. They got back to Englishtown around 1:00, tired and sweaty from the long morning.

This morning we woke before 6:00 and the sea was glassy calm, no hint of breeze in the air. I love the way the sea looks when conditions are like this, so I took a number of photographs as the sun was rising. I tried to capture the subtle colors and calm feeling, as if nature were holding her breath. That turned out to be more prophetic than I had anticipated; 2 hours later a strong gale blew up with no warning – the “Norther” that Richard had said was coming is upon us. Check the 6:00 AM compared to the 8:00 AM photos in the web album that shows up at the upper right of this blog page. I also added some photographs of flowers, a female grackle, the change out of the water vats, and the Spanish Ray.