03 April, 2024

The View From The Balcony

Our house is basically a single level of living space raised up on 10 foot stilts as a precaution against storm surges (not needed so far!).  We have what we call a loft above the newer part of the house on the right of the photo below under the gable end roof.

The loft is under that gable roof just inside the little Juliette-style balcony.  The main living floor is fairly obscured by the trees.  The ground level is storage and workshop space between the stilts. 
There is a beautiful view of the sea from the little balcony.
There's our dock in the center of the photo leading to that incredible turquoise sea.
Inside, the loft is a large room that I use a yoga studio and gym.
Antique Nordic track on the left - I bought it used in 1994!  Yoga space in the center and Concept 2 indoor rower on the right.

Stairs down to the main living space are to left of white balisters.  Lots of storage space in the loft plus an office space that is not pictured.

The view from main level is also pretty awesome!
The front veranda connects the new and the original cabanas.  Seating and lounging on one end and dining and an outdoor cooking area on the other end.
Morning coffee in the hammock on the front veranda.
I use the oudoor cooking area for the air fryer and slow cooker so the kitchen doesn't collect the heat.  And also just extra counter space for processing mango, etc.

Mango puree! 

There is more square footage of outdoor space than indoor space, which makes perfect sense because unless it is super hot, you will find me outside.

A celestial image to close this post.
 Venus and Jupiter with the crescent moon.  February 22, 2023.


  1. What a beautiful place you live in. I imagine your night sky views are great, too, not a lot of light pollution?

    1. You are right - the nights are much darker here. If I stand on the dock I can see the glow of city lights from La Ceiba, Honduras, 120 miles across the sea. Some nights the Milky Way is stunning and lives up to its name. Other nights the humidity is so high that the haze is like a fine fog that blocks the stars.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these scenes of your heavenly home and the spaces where you live. That sea...well. It makes my heart yearn.

    1. I knew that sea would call to you, Mary.

  3. Paradise! That view of the dock is so beautiful. I haven't thought of Nordic Trac in years!

    1. It is a view of which I never tire. That Nordic Trac is indestructible! All mechanical, no electronic parts. I still use it, although I prefer the rower.


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