04 September, 2013

The BIG POUR, Completed

The local crew showed up at 6:00 Tuesday morning, even after that grueling work on Monday.  Dennis had told them he would pay them for a total of 2 days of work even if it took them only one and half days.  And sure enough, they worked at a pretty hard pace to get finished by 12:30, just in time to eat lunch prepared by Joy.  Francisco and his 2 men stayed all day doing the finish work and start the clean up.

The top surface of the concrete is smoothed off and leveled using a flat board and adding water when needed.
Once the concrete sets up for a couple of days, the hangers holding the straps will be removed along with the sides boards of the forms.
The bottom board of the forms will stay in place with the supports for up to 2 weeks before they are removed.
The strap ends are lined up nice and neat. 
A veritable jungle of sticks supporting the beams while they cure. 
Here is a view of what the straps look like with the 4x4s  and floor joists in place.  This a shot of the new deck around the cabana before all the decking is installed. 
This the incomplete corner of the deck showing the straps, 4x4s, and joists.  Our new satellite dish is secured to the top of the column.  You can see the cable from the satellite running along the inside of a 4x4.  You can also see the concrete ramp leading to the stoop of the generator shed at the upper left of the shot.
Next, the sides of the forms will come down.  We may wait until the wet season is over before installing the 4x4s, it all depends on how wet it really is.  In the meantime, the form boards will be reused for casting the floor of the washroom shed where the washing machine will be relocated behind Richard and Joy's cottage.  Like the generator shed, the washroom shed will be raised only a foot or so off ground level.  

But I am getting ahead of myself - that is the next project.  For now, we are pleased that the BIG POUR is done.  I'm working on the layout of the windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, and interior walls of the addition.  That phase of construction will definitely not start until late November.

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  1. All piccies showing OK in this post.
    Looks to be a big job getting the homestead extended.

    1. It is a big job, but quite satisfying to see it, however slowly, come together.

  2. Wow! What a lot is going on here, Wilma! Thanks for visiting my blog recently.

    1. It is a busy place right now. Not sure how long we can keep this pace up! I always like the photos in your blog.

  3. Hi Wilma,
    A successful pour for sure. I think it's funny, Foundation is in, and the satellite dish is in place... No building yet. Just gots to watch 'Through the Wormhole!' Love it.

  4. Good catch on the satellite dish! Our internet connection is more critical to us than the additional space. :-) The funny thing is that now (2 years after this was first posted) we have graduated to MiFi and have discontinued the satellite.


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