31 August, 2011

Yellow Parasol Mushroom, Lepiota lutea

In mid-July, a flush of these lovely yellow parasol mushrooms, Lepiota lutea, came up in a pot of fragrant Jasmine that I have on the patio.  These come up fairly frequently in a number of pots and don't seem to harm the plant they share the pot with.  
I like the combination of yellow and blue.
You can see the annulus (ring) left around the stalk.  The annulus is the remnant of the veil that covered the gills before the cap expanded.  The shape of mushroom in the foreground  definitely lives up to  its name.
I think this is a record for the number of mushrooms in one pot.
I googled Lepiota lutea and learned that is very common in flower pots and does not affect the green plant, which did relieve me since it is in many of my pots.  This particular pot has had several flushes of mushroom this summer.  You might see little yellow egg-shaped mounds for a day or so that then rapidly expand to the mushrooms in these photos.  By the next day, the mushrooms have withered and collapsed into what looks like a dried mushroom.  In another day or 2 even those will have disappeared.  I look forward to them as an unexpected flash of color.
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