29 August, 2011

Reflections on Light and Shadow

The shots of the Question Mark butterfly with its reflection that I posted here a few days ago reminded me of some pictures I took in 2009 at Victoria Bryant State Park in Georgia.  I took these photos while standing on a dock in a lake, looking down into the water.  I was fascinated by the way the depth of the slightly turbid water was illuminated by shafts of sunlight shining down between the boards of the dock.
If you double click on this image to enlarge it, you will be able to see some small fish  in the upper right-hand corner.  Along the bottom of the picture are the boards of the dock  and then the reflection of the dock and me.  Along the top of the photo is the shadow of me and the rail of the dock.  But it is those parallel planes of sunlit water that I was trying to capture; the other things were by accident.
In this simpler image below I cropped out everything except the shafts of sunlight, my reflection and the reflection of a vulture soaring high above.
  I call this one "Self-Portrait with Vulture".

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  1. Interesting reflections Wilma.
    Like rainbow shafts.

  2. I thought it was a Mermaid.{:)

  3. The last one is exquisite with the vulture... Hope you are safe from hurricane these days!

  4. Keith - thanks. I tried a lot of camera settings to get the result I wanted.

    Roy - what a tease you are! ;-)

    Chris - thanks. When I was taking that shot, my first thought was "I wish that vulture would fly on by" but then I realized that it might look pretty good. We are safe; thanks for asking.



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