08 August, 2009

Spider at meal

Fair warning to Arachnophobes - the next 4 shots (after this first one) are up close and personal with a spider enjoying its meal; you may want to skip this post! I just put in this pretty flower picture so that the spider wouldn't show up in the snapshot of this blog. ;-) Plus, I really like the way this daylily looks from the back side with the dark, brick-red streaks against the brighter apricot color.

OK - for those of you still with me, I shot this series of a spider dining on a red and black true bug. This is the same bug that had laid its eggs on the Columbine canadensis that I showed at the beginning of July.

The spider held perfectly still as I took the photos, but as soon as I turned my back it would shift the bug to a new position.

The spider didn't seem to use its front legs to hold onto the bug.

If you click to enlarge the photos, you can almost see the pedipalps grabbing hold of one of the bug's legs to keep it in position.

This last picture was taken more than 2 hours after the first one. I guess it takes some time to liquify bug innards enough to suck them out of the carapace ...


  1. Pretty gruesome, but fascinating Wilma. Hope the spider enjoyed his meal :)

    Nice shot of the lily to lead us in. Love the colour.

  2. Wilma, you've captured the spider with his meal beautifully.
    The Daylily is a real beauty.


  3. It is gruesome, isn't it? But I thought it was way too cool not to show. That apricot color of the lily is one of my favorite colors, and I really like it combined with the brick red for contrast. Thanks for visiting and for your comments!


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