02 August, 2009

Of two minds ...

Another quick post today, as I have a deadline looming and need to be writing on that rather than this. I did take a few pictures today and have a couple from several days ago of what I think may be figwort; at least it looks like what Rambling Rob identified on his blog (http://wightrambler.blogspot.com/2009/08/down-vicarage-lane.html) as figwort. What do you think, Rob? I didn't see any flights from wasp airlines, though.

The only other photo I want to show is of JD, my geriatric 17 year old cat, enjoying catnip al fresco.
I tell myself as I read other blogs, write this blog, and wander through the garden with my camera that these activities free my unconscious mind to be composing the document with the looming deadline. That is my story and I'm sticking with it! ;-) The strategy does seem to work because I have made progress throughout the day when I sit down to write. Now back to work -- how much more did my unconscious mind manage while the rest of me was posting this?


  1. I'm so sorry not to have visited lately Wilma, I have struggled to keep up with comments and postings lately. Looking back through your recent posts I am so impressed that despite your home improvements you have managed to keep posting!

    I love the Monarch Butterfly on your previous post, such a striking creature. Congratulations to JD on reaching such a wonderful age and hopefully there will be many more happy years to enjoy the catnip ;)

    I hope you managed to meet your deadline!

  2. Hi Wilma,

    Looks like Figwort to me - the flowers are quite distinctive. There's a bit about Water Figwort here:

    Lovely portrait of JD, btw - coat looks like waterfalls.

  3. Nice looking cat Wilma. Mine used to love rolling around in catnip where I used to live. I doubt she's got the energy now; 16, and an effort to get off her chair :)

  4. Shy - that's one of the good things about blogs; they will wait for you to read them when you have time! Thanks for making time and for leaving your comment. :-)

    Rob - thanks for the confirmation and for the link. The little flowers are so unobtrusive until you look at them closely. They are really lovely little things.

    Keith - you should see how ratty poor JD looks from the other side; I had to clip matted fur off him! I do have to carry JD part of the way when we talk a stroll around the garden, but he still loves to go outside when the weather is good.


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