11 July, 2009

Lily Therapy

What a week this was; too busy at work to even take a deep breath. On top of that, computer issues kept me from posting. So now it is Saturday and I have a chance to take a deep breath or two (in spite of working 4 hours earlier today), my computer is doing just fine, and I got a chance to get outside and take a few more photos. Time to compose a post!

I admit it; I am in love with lilies. I love their texture, their parts, their sensual shapes, the insects they attract, the way raindrops and dewdrops cling to their petals, their rich colors, their delicate colors, their beginnings, their ends. If you don’t like lilies, go ahead and stop now or be brave -- see if you are able to resist these lilies ...

Green and pink buds with a newly opened pink lily. These pink lilies seem to emit a soft, warm glow.

Velvety brown anthers cupped in a yellow petal

A choir of anthers surround the creamy stigma of this blood red lily.

The green grasshopper nymph contrasts sharply with the red of the lily.

This little guy was very sensitive to the autofocus mechanism of my camera. I chased it slowly around the lily while trying to focus on it instead the petal. I finally did get a couple of good shots, though.

It has white bands on its dark antennae.

I will leave you with this photo of the end of the flowers. The petals are gone, but the form remains simply elegant, especially when seen against the backdrop of a stormy sky.


  1. We are also in love with lilies - and we have the good fortune of being just around the corner from Ollalie Day Lily Farm which continually develops new strains. Lilies are hardy in the VT climate, need little care, and provide great color after the long colorless winters.

  2. Beautiful captures of a beautiful flower.
    That first one is a stunner.

  3. Fantastic photos Wilma, the macros have great detail and colour. Well done.

  4. Chris - be sure to check back in a few weeks when I will surely have photos of pink carpet lilies that are the next kind to bloom here. They may be my favorite. No, I take that back - whatever is in bloom is my favorite! Thanks for visiting.

    hm and Steve - thank you for your encouraging comments and for stopping by.


  5. Great pics Wilma - my fave is the yellow lily.

  6. I love lilies too.They are so prettya nd you ahve aptured them beautifully.Like the shot of the grasshopper.

  7. Hi Wilma. I adore your Lily photo's They are my favourite flower. The contrast of the green Grasshopper on the Red Lily is wonderful You did exceptionally well getting that shot, well done Wilma.

  8. TonyC, Shantana, and Ken,

    So glad that you stopped by and that you like the lilies.

    thanks much,

  9. Lovely pictures of beautiful lilies Wilma. Hope they have that wonderful scent too. Interesting insect!


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