19 July, 2009

Garden Treasures

This is just a quick post with a handfull of garden photos to close out the weekend. I've seen so many perfect butterfly photographs posted by many of the bloggers I follow, that it is with some reluctance that I am posting the next two pics. This one was so intent on feeding, that I was able to get quite close and take a number of shots that are better than most of my butterfly attempts.

Meanwhile, over in the lily garden I found this little spider hiding on the underside of a lily petal. I normally don't a use a flash, but fortuitously I had the camera settings on "portrait" and the builtin flash lit the underside just enough to counterbalance the bright sunlight without creating distracting dark shadows; put a real twinkle in all four eyes!

Finally, here is a gentian seedpod looking like a pot of gold, or at least a golden pot, at the end of the rainbow. But each time I look in the pot, I see little blackened, shrunken, knobby heads rather than treasure. Click on the picture and check it out. Pretty cool, huh?

And now I will leave you with that cheery vision. Hope your upcoming week is full of real treasure.


  1. Wilma,the butterfly shots are great!But I freaked out on the spider shot!


  2. I agree with you concerning the Gentian seed pod. It is quite something when you open the photo.nIce Butterfly photo's. Nicely presented Blog Wilma.

  3. Love those butterflies Wilma, and the little spider is great. He's certainly got a twinkle in his eye. ;)
    Good detail on the enlarged 'pot of gold.'

  4. It is certainly the time of year for butterflies though they are not settling here for me to photo. Love the little spider and its eyes really do shine . Best of all is the Gentian seed pod. You can clearly see the patterns on each individual seed. I love to see natures own patterns, so intricate.

  5. Hiya Wilma,
    The Gentian wraps up its seeds so beautifully - what packaging, nicely observed.

  6. Hello Shantana, Ken, Keith(?), John, and Rob,

    Thanks for visiting. I think the gentian seedpod is my favorite too, but the spider is a close second. You guys (including you, Shantana) and your blogs definitely inspire me and are the quality I aspire to achieve. Now all I need is to perspire to make that happen!


  7. I love your photos & I'm wondering what equipment you use? Currently gathering that info from photographers as I consider getting a real camera. Email chrsptrk@svcable.net or leave comment on my blog - thanks!


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