28 June, 2009

Garden Pics

I shot a few more garden pics today (see below) and added them to the Picasa Album at: http://picasaweb.google.com/lulalaney/MinnesotaGardenInMidJune02#.

A dragonfly was particularly photogenic and cooperative. The patterning of the wing veins and their shadow on the leaf below is striking.

Also in the insect theme is this pretty bug seen with eggs on the Columbine seedhead. It is probably some devasting pest, but quite pretty. In the Picasa album, you can see that this one of a mating pair.


  1. Hi Wilma.
    I love the 2 photo's of the dragonfly, especialy the close up of it wings. Nice one sweetheart

  2. Thanks, Ken! I was lucky to get that close to it.

  3. Hello Wilma.
    Just like to say a big well done with the Dragonfly Image,not easy to Capture.

    Great Stuff.

  4. John - appreciate your comment. Thanks much.


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