17 September, 2018

More of Our Holiday - Bath Spa

I'm still sorting through photos (phone and new camera) from our UK holiday.  We left Cornwall to spend a few days in Bath Spa.  We stayed at Hill House, a lovely historical 6-room guesthouse in Bath Spa.
Hill House - unassuming from the outside, lovely on the inside.
My sister took photo below from the window of their room of the rest of us crossing the street below. 
That's me at the front followed by my brother, sister, some unknown interloper, and my brother-in-law.
Guest room 
Same room.  You can see all my stuff trashing up the place.
 We had a pub meal.
Brother-in-law, sister, brother.
And were joined by my nephew, his wife, and son who live in the nearby village of Bradford-on-Avon.
The whole crew, waiting for our various pies.
It was graduation week at the University of Bath, so the town was bustling with festivities, music, proud families, and happy graduates.
One of the many musicians playing in front of Bath Abbey.
Another view of Bath Abbey.
There was so much to see and learn about in Bath Spa.  Again, we could have stayed here for weeks and never run out of things to do.
One end of the Royal Crescent.
Hot air balloons tours are a thriving business here.  We saw them from the ground near the Royal Crescent.
There were at least 5 balloons aloft for this sunset.
We wandered along the River Avon to the Pulteney Weir and Bridge.  
The weir just downstream from the Pulteney Bridge in the golden evening light of midsummer.
 River craft have to go to the east of the bridge to avoid the weir.
The weir on the left and the boat channel on the right.
Many narrow boats, both moored and navigating, were on the river and canal.  The not-so-narrow tour boats and floating bars kept to the river.
Narrow boats moored along the river near the train station, not the most scenic spot, but it seemed that the best mooring spots were filled.
More to come on our stay in Bath Spa.


  1. A lovely read Wilma with some nice photos to back it up with. A lovely place.

  2. So beautiful. I've had friends who have stayed at Hill House and loved it. I've never been there and you make me want to go. And... I can't believe all the blue skies. Are you sure you were in England?

    1. Harry and Douglas, the proprietors of Hill House, were so very welcoming. It is a beautiful and comfortable place with a great location. You and Jerry definitely should go. The weather was fantastic for our entire holiday. We were all prepared with rain gear, but only needed it one evening while in London - when of course it was left behind at the hotel when the skies opened as we were returning from dinner out. No complaints, though.

  3. Well hello! you checked in on my blog so I'm over here on yours. I've been to Ireland many many times but never England. One day perhaps. Love all the wonderful pics, looks like it was a grand holiday!

    1. We had a fabulous time. Glad you like the photos. Never been to Ireland, but would jump at the opportunity.

  4. What a scenic tour you've taken us on. I'm calmed by the second to last photo - really like that one. Glad you and yours were taking it all in.
    Stay well, Wilma.

    1. Thanks, Robyn. That photo does a certain end-of-day serenity to it - glad it spoke to you.

  5. Ahh, just down the river from me... not a bad place at all Bath :-)

    1. We enjoyed exploring the area very much. Could have easily spent much more time there and never been bored. Or hungry, or thirsty . . . .

  6. I think I missed your posts about Bath, Wilma ... so am catching up now! Sadly I know the town best from hospital visits (and stays), but I have also been able to enjoy the ambiance on occasions, the Abbey and, of course, the Roman remains.


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