08 August, 2018

Cornwall, Part I

After a couple of days in London, my family and I went by train to Cornwall for 5 days.  The weather was clear and hot the entire time.  We and the local population were overjoyed with the sunshine, although wilted from the heat.  We stayed in Newlyn at Cooper's Cottage, a holiday cottage, from which we explored Newlyn itself and made day trips to Mousehole, Penzance, and St. Michael's Mount.
Rather than not feeling welcomed, we opted not to drive at all, much to the increased safety of everyone.
 Newlyn is a lovely seaside village, cascading down the hillside to the harbor.
The very tippy top of the cottage where we stayed is just visible on the right side of the photo.
Cooper's Cottage is located just off the main road.  We could, and did, walk everywhere.
The window of my attic bedroom is in the very center of the photo, just below the green tree.
The door of the cottage opened onto a short lane.
Most of the group (except for 1 sister who took the photo) -brother at the front, sister at the left, me in the middle, and 2 brothers-in-law at the back.
View from the attic window across Newlyn rooftops towards Penzance just to the north.
Looking SSE just after daybreak. 
We took off down the lane into the village.
Steep lane toward the harbor.
The first evening, after a rough start finding the "right" Cooper's Cottage (an effort that may have involved breaking and entering into 2(!) places that were not the "right" Cooper's Cottage), we ate at a wonderful seafood restaurant called Mackerel Sky.  It was delicious and relaxing - just what we needed to settle in.  Over the next days we wandered around Newlyn and environs.
Talking to locals to find out about bus stops, etc.
I had my new camera with me, and put it to good use.  Such good use that I have way too many photos crammed into this post.
The stream which Mackerel Sky patio overlooks.
Lovely house further up the same stream.
Dawn view of St. Michael's Mount in the distance across Mount's Bay.
 I took lots of photos of the harbor.
The lighthouse at the harbor entrance.
The "wrong" Cooper's Cottage is in the lane to the right of the building with the blue door and window.  Oops.
The calm, sunny days yielded interesting reflections on the water.
Definitely a fishing port.  All the boats are out at sea at this early hour.   
More reflections.
I love the bright colors of the containers.
Later in the day, we all went for a walk along the harbor wall.
Brother, sister, brothers-in-law, dwarfed by neatly bundled ropes.
The inner harbor.
This boat was being stripped of rust and repainted.
Next up - a short walk along the Coastal Footpath to Mousehole.


  1. I've never been and have wanted to visit. It's as beautiful as I've heard it is1

    1. We happily could have spent much more time there. Beautiful scenery, so much history, and wonderful seafood. Highly recommended - get your walking shoes on!

  2. What a lovely trip for a family to take together! What was your little attic room like?
    I love the image of you guys entering the wrong houses. "Oops! Sorry!"

    1. I got the attic room because at 5'3" I am the shortest. It had a small center area for the 2 twin beds where an adult could stand up and then a small dormer window set into the steeply pitched roof. The window swung wide open so I could lean all the way out for those good views. There was also a skylight window that opened. I had a clear view of the sky from the bed I chose. It was perfect. We do vacations together every few years. There is often a breaking and entering or some other adventure that keeps things interesting.

  3. Fresh air, blue skies, green-blue seas, loving family - that's a wonderful combination. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves, Wilma.

    1. It was wonderful. You could put us anywhere and we would have a good time together, but combined with locations, outings, and food it was an amazing time.

  4. What a lovely trip to my favourite part of the world! I have known Cornwall all my life. Your reflection photos are superb, Wilma.


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