14 June, 2014

A Visit to Bullet Tree Falls Village, Cayo District, Belize

 Earlier this month I spent 5 days visiting my friend Martha at her new home in Bullet Tree Falls Village in the Cayo District of Belize near the town of San Ignacio.  I went there ostensibly to help her do some decorating, but we also took some time out for fun.  And had fun with the decorating, too.  Martha's new home is on the banks of the incredibly lovely Mopan River.  She has 2 large lots that slope gently down to the river.
Looking toward the house from about halfway to the river.  Martha has planted all sorts of trees, shrubs, and flowers; by this time next year is will look very different because plants grow so quickly in this climate.
There are some nice mature plants, like this palm tree, on her property already.
Ezabella and Kat are good buds and spend lots of time playing together.
The sheep family is on the lot next to the house.
Twin lambs.
One of the fun things we did was have visit from Gary and his lovely green-winged macaw, Dino. Dino is so famous, he has his own webpage.  Definitely worth a visit.

Dino perched in a tree next to the Mopan River.
The very photogenic Dino stayed in the tree, letting me take photo after photo.  
Peering coyly at the camera through the leaves.
Eating the fruit of the palm seen in one of the photos above.
Flying to Gary.  Look at his gorgeous plumage. Dino's, not Gary's. (Sorry Gary! I'm sure yours is gorgeous, too.)
Snacking on his favorite - orange tree wood.
Just to show that we didn't goof off the whole time, the last shot is one of Martha trying out the paint colors she chose for her new kitchen hutch.  A nice turquoise on the back wall, white inside the shelves, and a silver grey on the frame, drawers, and cabinet doors.  I think the colors look great against the newly painted yellow walls of the kitchen. We also hemmed and hung endless curtain panels.  
The silver grey takes the edge off the what would be an overwhelming amount of white.  
We made a good start on the decorating, didn't we, Martha?  Maybe I should visit again and help you finish.  Then we could go swimming again at Mahogany Hall, and have another wonderful dinner at the San Ignacio Hotel, and get more of the yummy ice cream from the ice cream man who drives through the neighborhood in his pickup truck, and work out new combinations of tequila and lime juice, and see Gary and Dino again.  and I guess we could hem a curtain or two and paint a few walls.  ;-)


  1. Lovely shots of the lambs Wilma and that parrots plumage is astonishing.

    1. I knew you would like the lambs, Roy! They were very sweet. Dino is even more impressive looking in person than in the photos.

    2. I too love lambs and Pygmy goats! Do you suppose my neighbors would object to a new friend for Pippin? OMG, you have got guts Girl! Love the hair!

    3. Hi Tracey! glad you like the lambs, but Pippin might have to have an indoor friend to keep peace with the neighbors. The hair is even shorter now and I love it. Pics later.

  2. It was wonderful having you to help me with the decorating! And, your photographs are outstanding. I love the one of Ezibel and Kit-Kat and, of course, the twins. Aren't they adorable!

    I've finished the wall painting in all rooms. Now, it's back to hemming curtains. I could leave them dragging the floor till you get back to help. You know it works so much easier with the two of us. And, after all the hard work hemming, we would need to have our much earned break across the river in the Mahogany Hall pool. Another dinner at San Ignacio Hotel would naturally follow coz hanging out in a pool all day can be exhausting - who wants to cook!

    Gary and Dino paid a visit today. We laid our blanket down by Dino's favorite tree and spent the day testing the latest batch of Belikin brew and swimming in the river. We'll show you how it's done when you come back to hem more curtains. ;)

    1. You have been very busy, Martha! Are you happy with the wall colors? When will your new cushions be ready? Just leave the curtains long (if you can stand it) until I get a chance to visit again. I do need a lesson in chilling by the river ...

    2. Very different from my past paintings but yes, loving the new colors. Prepare to be WOW'd.

      I have lots to do...the curtains can move down on the list. It is my duty [and pleasure] to teach you chilling by the river.

    3. I have just noticed the dog face on the right side [middle] of the group of sheep. Nahrone!

  3. Sounds like hard work there! lol

    1. It was a good mix of hard work and lots of fun, Keith. I may be ready for round 2.

  4. Such spectacular colouring on Dino.


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