28 October, 2013

Rainy Days

The scene below, with the view of Greater Monkey Caye obliterated by heavy rain, has been with us off and on for the last 4 or 5 days.  And during each of those days (and nights), several inches of rain has fallen.  The good news is that our water vats are full.  The bad news is that Monkey River and Black Creek are full - and overflowing.  We hear that there are places on the Monkey River Road that are under seven feet of water!  Three or four sunny days with no rain is all it will take to dry out the road.
We run to lower the sun shades and get them lashed down when see rain like this approaching!  They do a good job of keeping the driving rain out of the veranda. 
The heavy rains and high winds have pushed in some higher than usual tides for us; a beachcomber's delight.  Below are a few of the items of interest that have washed up.  This site is wonderful for exploring sea beans.
Except for the green striped sea urchin, the rest of the objects are loosely called sea beans and are seed of various sorts.  There are 2 sea hearts (middle or top row and bottom right), 2 very different coconuts (top left and top right), a hamburger bean, Mucana sp. (bottom left),  bull's eye (bottom right).  Still haven't ID'd the one in the middle. 
During the rainy spells, we do chores inside the cabana.  Dennis is putting little foam sheets behind all the wall cover plates for electrical outlets and switches since they seem to be an entry point for small insects.  Behind one outlet cover plate he found these little pieces of shell.  They are gecko eggshells.  Apparently the geckos also realized that small insects where coming entering through the wall plates.  We love the geckos because they do eat the insects; we love to have them in the cabana.
Delicate shells leftover from gecko eggs fell out of the wall outlet.
It looks like all but one of them was successfully hatched.

The rain has not been constant.  In fact there has been some very pleasant sunshine.  I get outside whenever possible to see what is going on.  The sun drew out this wonderful pair of baselisk lizards.  They are also called Jesus Christ lizards because they can run on water.  They have an extra row of wide scales on the long third toes of their hind feet that give them this ability.  You can see the scales in the photo below  and on the photo of the female if you click on them to see them bigger.
This guy held his ground as I took pictures.
He let me get quite close for a good look at his crest, which is folded back here.
This female does not have a crest, but is more richly colored than the male. Look at the scales on the long toe of her left foot.  These scales enable her to run on water.
She, too, let me get quite close, although she was poised to run into the wood pile if I made any sudden moves! 
The rains also brought out lots of small flying insects, which brought out lots of dragon flies!
The air was thick with dragon flies! 
Nice photo ops when they would land. 
I have not delved into dragonfly ID's yet, but there are at least 4 different kinds.
During breaks in the rain, I managed to walk along the jungle path and saw a large butterfly or moth flitting along.  It finally landed and I was able to take the photo below.
Owl moth with a great eyespot!
Dennis came out of the generator shed after turning the generator off and said "get your camera!"  So I did, and followed him back into the generator shed to see another  impressive moth.
Ascalapha odorata, Black Witch moth.
This moth also likes to fly into our window screen at night when we have lights on. At such a large size (4 to 5 inches across), it looks and sounds like a bat or a bird trying to get inside.

With all the rain also come rainbows.  This one arched across Greater Monkey Caye and seemed especially broad. 
 At this point we will forego the pot of gold and settle for some dryer weather!  Of course, we will look back on this rain fondly when we are in the midst of the dry season, so I will try to enjoy the rain while we have it.
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  1. What an amazing selection Wilma.
    That moth looks stunning.
    I hope you get some dry weather soon.

    1. There are a number of large moths here, some of which are day flying. Fingers crossed in hopes for sunshine! Thanks for visiting, Keith.

  2. Glad to read your report, Wilma. Have been concerned about you folks being so close to water. Here in Cayo, lots of wet everywhere, but we're fine up here on our hill. Gale

    1. Monkey RIver Village was quite wet, with standing water 8-12 inches deep over much of the village for several days. Glad you are dry on your hill! Hope the dogs are doing well with the invisible fence.

  3. Male baselisk pic 2, love the eye. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thats the most amazing rainbow WIlma.

    1. Hi Roy. I have never seen a rainbow quite like it before - only a shallow arc visible and it seemed especially wide where it "met" the horizon.

  5. Lovely photos of the gecko family.
    That rainbow was very low. Not seen one like that.


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