04 February, 2013

Banana Flowers, Spider, and Sunrise

I love to look at banana flowers.   Sets of flowers open sequentially on a long pendant inflorescence   The female flowers are at the top of the inflorescence (closest to the plant) and they open first.  Male flowers open later at the bottom.   Our banana plants are not a commercial variety because they are not big producers, but they are the best tasting bananas I have ever eaten.  They have a tanginess that reminds Dennis of an apple, and indeed, their local name is apple banana.
The dark purple, almost black, bracts that cover the sets of yellow male flowers are glossy on one side and matte on the other.
Close-up of male flowers with 2 busy wasps.
I also saw a nice garden/writing-type spider on the shell ginger.  It sat nicely in the center of its web while I took these shots.
I'll end with the way my day began yesterday, with another lovely sunrise.
A pelican begins its day of flying and fishing. Not a bad life.
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  1. The first sunrise image is brilliant Wilma and those banana flowers are so unusual.

  2. Thanks, Roy. Always something interesting around here.

  3. I'm enjoying your blog, Wilma. I just sent a link to our friends here in Elberton who will be moving to Ecuador. Their real estate deal is taking forever to close, and they are camping out at their house with not much but a bed, a couch, their computers, and packed suitcases. I don't think your experience will be too relevant to their move, but at least they can enjoy your pictures!

  4. Hi Nancy - good to hear from you. Glad you enjoy the blog. Feel free to give your friends my email address too, just in case. Cheers, Wilma


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