19 January, 2013

Pouring Concrete and Pouring Rain

Back in November, Richard, Craig, Joe, and Lloydie had poured concrete in 2/3rd of the space below the cabana. It turned out great.  We left the last 1/3rd to do until later so we could move the water vats off the sand onto the concrete and then pour concrete where the vats had been.  This time Dennis was part of the crew and Seven took Joe's place.  In the photo below you can see Dennis shoveling the newly mixed concrete into the wheel barrow so it can be poured on top of the wire mesh between the forms just behind Dennis.  The concrete is all mixed by hand; it is actually faster than the little motorized concrete mixer we shipped down.  Live and learn.
Token photo of Dennis working.  :-)  Not true, he does his share.  Lucky for me , I am the photographer.
Seven and Craig are ready to go.   Note the tamper (4x4 with a 1x4 base) used to flatten the sand base.
It progressed very quickly; the guys were good. 
Craig floating the concrete.
 With everybody working hard, the work got done in just one day instead of one and a half.  
Richard dumping the next wheelbarrow load, Craig floating, Seven shoveling, and Lloydie at the ready. 
 The finished product looks great!  We'll have 5 vats across the front and 4 more along the side we just poured.
You can see the edge of one vat at the front.  Two more will go to the left of it and then 4  down the side at the left of the photo.
 It will be much easier to keep clean and dry now.
View from the front toward the back.
After finishing early, Dennis took the crew for some liquid refreshment at Craig's bar.  They got there just before the rain came.
There is a faint rainbow at the right of the photo.
The next few shots are all from the same perspective with different atmospheric conditions.
A boat is trying to beat the rain to Monkey River.
Great Monkey Cay (pronounced "key") is almost obscured by the wall of approaching rain. 
I got a little funky with the effects on this shot.  Great Monkey Cay is invisible.
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  1. A lot of hard work, but must be very satisfying and rewarding when you've done. And of course, the trip to the bar! lol
    I love that shot of the approaching storm; and I can see the rainbow.

    1. Yeah, Keith, the photographer worked very hard! ;-) The guys did a great job. It is a big improvement. Glad you can see the rainbow.

  2. Yes like Keith, I love that shot of the storm to Wilma.
    No wonder all the greenery is so lush there. Rain and warm temps.

    1. I love to watch the weather come from over the sea. Always interesting. Thanks.

  3. You guys are very hard working.. Keep it up!!


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