08 December, 2012

Almost there

This is probably my last chance to blog from Rochester, as a resident, that is.  The external hard drive with all my photos on it is getting packed up tomorrow and the next few days will be a mad rush.  Fewer than 5 days remain until Max and I start our trip to our new home in Englishtown, Toldeo, Belize.  Dennis will join us on Christmas Eve.  I thought it only fitting that I leave Rochester by posting a handful of photos taken in our garden just a few months ago.  Summer in Minnesota is hard to beat.  Too bad it is so fleeting.

This painted lady was pristine and so intent on nectaring that I was able to get right up close with a macro lens.  She didn't blink an eye.

She loves her Liatris.

She looks almost furry with all that hair on her body. 
And here she is with her tongue out.  ;-)
Our garden was beautiful this summer.  So many flowers were blooming madly for months.  The flowers are so prolific, you have to look hard to see the dragonfly in the center.  

In Belize, I will have to get attuned to much different seasonal changes in plant and animal life.  The changes will be more subtle than here in the northern temperate zone. It is going be such fun - a whole new world to explore and become intimate with.
My heart is already in Belize, and we are almost there.
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  1. A beautiful specimen of the Painted Lady
    Bon Voyage Wilma.

    1. Thanks, Roy. I hope it doesn't take me long to get started back up again.

  2. That Painted Lady is a beauty Wilma.
    Have a safe trip.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Keith. I will be a little anxious until we get there. But all should go well.


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