04 March, 2012

Live Cam of Nesting Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa

No photos today, only a link to the Decorah Eagle Cam.  The pair of bald eagles is tending a nest of 3 eggs.  Great to watch, especially the changing of the guard.   They are not too far from us here in southern Minnesota.  Enjoy!


  1. An impressive looking nest there Wilma.
    He, or she, was fast asleep when I looked. I'll check back later.

  2. Right after I posted this blog, I saw 2 bald eagles soaring above our house. Looks like it might be nesting season here, too. Also, on Sunday, they panned the camera around to show some sparrows that were hanging out in the lower structure of the nest. Very cool to watch.

  3. Thanks for putting up the link. I just have to remember the time difference when choosing watching times.

  4. Yes, you will need to visit during the afternoon of your day to see the morning here. If you have the sound on, you can here Canada Geese flying over, pileated woodpeckers hammering away, and all sort of small songbirds.

  5. Wow.. this is superb work!! Thanks for sharing it... :)

    1. Glad you like it, Angad. I check on it throughout the day. It will get more fun when the chicks hatch around March 23rd.


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