22 October, 2011

Back to Belize

Seems life has been conspiring to keep me from posting a blog entry recently.  Computer issues, mainly.  But also getting ready to go back to Belize.  In a couple of days, we'll be at our beachfront jungle for a couple of weeks, seeing sights like that pictured below.
See you there.
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  1. Nice one Wilma, guess that'll be your last taste of decent weather before you head home to the winter.
    Great header photo, what is it.

  2. Great new header photo Wilma.

  3. Have a great holiday, winter is slowly encroaching in our part of the world,next week it will be dark by 5pm

  4. Well looks like several computers have crashed in the blogworld ;-) but sometime life just goes its way and keep you busy too ;-)

  5. Derek - back now and the snow starts tomorrow! The header photos is from a plant that grows wild behind our generator shed. I can't remember the name, but will look it up.

    Roy - thanks!

    David - yes, the dark days are upon us. sigh ...

    Chris - still having computer issues. again, sigh ...

    It was a great trip and I saw some fabulous birds! Stay tuned.


  6. Looking forward ro seeing some more shots from Belize this winter........

  7. Happy New Year Wilma........ here's to blogging in 2012 (but I know what you mean, sometimes it's hard to keep going :-)

  8. Happy New Year.. :) You have a nice blog which i shall henceforth be following... :)

    Angad Achappa
    Indian Wildlife Photography

  9. Stu - thanks. I am hoping to get back into blogging soon.

    Andrew - Yes, to blogging in 2012! I have been enjoying your posts. I am still finding time to read blogs, just not to post any of my own.

    Angad - welcome. I hope I have something new for you soon! :-)

    Happy New Year to all,


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