20 September, 2011

Dragons of Autumn

The sun came for about 90 minutes on Sunday and that brought out hordes of dragonflies.  I was able to get a few digitally immortalized and even managed to put names to them, although I stand to be corrected by anyone who knows better.
Meadowhawk, Sympetrum species.  Not sure which one.
Meadowhawk, probably Sympetrum internum - the Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Aeshna umbrosa - Shadow Darner.  At 7.5 cm, this is a huge beast of a dragon.
Green Darner - Anax junius - female.  Also a beast at 6.8-8.0cm!
Can you see it there toward the bottom?
a cropped view of  the image above.  Looks like the common green darner again, impersonating a drone bomber.
The sun disappeared and with it the dragons.  I hope to see them again in a few days when the weather warms briefly and the sun reappears.
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  1. More variety of Dragons where you are, than where i am, Wilma. It`s been a poor year for em, in my area.

  2. The Green Darner, looks like three species joined together, with that colour scheme Wilma.

  3. Dean - some of these are just passing through right now.

    Roy - It is my favorite of the bunch.

    thanks for visiting!



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