09 January, 2011

A "Wintry Mix" ;-)

Last weekend I took a few photos out the window because it was just too cold to venture out.  The high temps have been in the mid-teens F (~-12C) or colder, with lows below zero F (-18C).  But the sun was shining brightly for part of the weekend when I took these shots. 
Male, Red Bellied Woodpecker
Male Downy Woodpecker

Male Downy Woodpecker
The woodpeckers have discovered the "Finch Lovers Blend" that I been putting in the Nyjer feeder.  I have seen red-bellied, hairy, and downy woodpeckers all spending alot of time at the feeder.

A red-grey hybrid?

Smaller than a grey squirrel with a wash of red over its back and tail.
 These little squirrels are bigger than reds and smaller than greys.  They have a fair amount of red on their backs and tails, but have the overall shape and demeanor of a grey squirrel.  Not sure if they are hybrids.  I will have to do some research to find out if that is possible.
Blue jay on the new tray feeder.

These last pictures are of 3 white-tailed deer bucks that seem to hang out together.  Normally bucks are fairly solitary, but these guys seem to be buddies.
8 point buck
3 amigos heading back up into the woods
The buck on the left has 8 points and the one on the right has 10 points>

I didn't get a good picture of the buck whose rear end is showing, but it had 3 points on one antler and 4 on the other.
A final look across the yard before disappearing into the woods
It was coming on dusk when I took these photos, so they aren't the best. I have seen the bucks together several times in the evenings.  As the days begin to get longer and it is actually light when I get home from work, perhaps I will have better opportunities for photos.


  1. That's very cold, colder than we ever get over in our part of the world. I think it's wonderful that you can view all that wild life in your garden area and from the comfort of your home.

  2. Euh wait a minute, you got all of these behind your windows!!! mamma mia, this is not gonna happen to me!!! These are sumptuous shots despite the fact they have been taken behind a window. Your woodpeckers are beautiful but I love the squirrel too much ;-) Happy new year Wilma!!

  3. Goodness me - it is cold there. A lovely set of photos Wilma. How great to have deer visiting.

  4. Thats a lovely set of photos Wilma, you certainly see a lot from your windows.

  5. Some great visitors to your garden Wilma.
    Especially the deer. What a sight to see from the window.

  6. Those really are some great pictures of wildlife Wilma. Thanks for posting.


  7. What a selection fro9m your window! Some fantastic shots love the first woodpecker so colourful squirrels and deer images very good as well.

  8. David - yes, I can get right spoiled with the view from a cozy spot next to the fireplace! It does get bitterly cold here. We are in for worse toward the end of the week.

    Chris -- thank you. :-) I have the bird feeders strategically placed to draw the wildlife into view.

    John -- Thanks. I do love to see the deer, except of course when they are eating the perennials I just planted. The Korean lilac has been striped of bark. :-( I suppose that is the price I have to pay ...

    Roy -- It is nice that the neighbors to the back are out of sight on the other side of the ridge. The woods run along the ridge for several miles and link up to more woods, making this a sort of wildlife corridor.

    Keith -- there is almost always something interesting to see.

    Debra -- thanks for visiting. I have been keeping an eye on your new blog. I am sure our paths will cross in Belize at some point!

    Anthony -- the sunlight makes those woodpeckers catch on fire. Thank you.

    cheers to all,

  9. Happy new year Wilma - love those squirrels - very cute!! They just look like Greys to me - but I haven't seen one for 6 years.......

  10. Hi Wilma.
    I do like the wintey Woodpeckers photo's, and the deer shots, especially the bucks head photo.
    Happy New Year.

  11. Hi Wilma, it seems we have all had some harsh weather, some parts of the UK had -18C and more a few weeks ago!

    A lovely selection of photos, that Squirrel is very attractive and the Woodpeckers look lovely against the blue sky.

  12. Just astonishing to get these fabulous shots out of your window. I'm most impressed, and love seeing the blue jay, as one of my favourite birds, although I have never seen one (Family in Canada send me numerous photos of them). Looking forward to the next wildlife safari from your living room.....

  13. Hi Wilma,
    An interesting comment you made on my blog about the Rochester peregrines, that gives me some hope that our peregrines will stick around :-)

  14. Your neighborhood looks like ours - thanks for the recent comments - Belize will be a welcome change I am sure. We head to Fl on 24th, then Belize on 28 for 2 weeks - really looking forward to it - duplooys - tikal - hopkinsville - and no snow

  15. We have the same weather then......

  16. Hi Wilma,
    How have you been and I really ENVY you with such visitors:)Nice images!

    Have a great weekend!



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