01 September, 2010

Pleasant Surprises in the Garden (or "Frog and Butterfly" for you Heart fans)

There were no frog spawn or tadpoles in the garden pond this spring and summer, probably because our winter had been so cold that the frogs didn't survive.  So I was delighted to see an adult frog in the pond last weekend. 
I was able to take some pictures of it sunning on the partially submerged bridge that I have in the pond.
This a very nice sized leopard frog with great markings.  When I got too close, it dove down into the muck at the bottom of the pond. 
It probably uses this tactic to avoid being eaten by the raccooons that sort through the algae for nummies like dragonfly larvae and unsuspecting frogs. Almost every morning I find clumps of algae pulled out of the water by the raccoons. We gave up years ago on trying to keep aquatic plants; the raccoons are convinced we get the plants just for their benefit ...

The other pleasant surprise was something I have never seen before (except in other blogs) - a comma butterfly!  This one was sitting momentarily on one of our patio chairs.  I was't able to get a shot with the wings open, but I was thrilled to even get this shot.
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Hope your garden surprises are also pleasant.


  1. Beautiful photographs Wilma.

  2. Alas I have no garden but there a couple of nasty looking spiders on the stairwell of my apartment building..........

  3. That`s one smart looking Frog.

  4. Lovely looking frog never seen one before hope the raccoons don't get him.

  5. Lovely markings on the frog Wilma.
    Nice find with the Coma too.

  6. Those Racoons have a lot to answer for around your garden Wilma.

  7. Lovely shots of froggy and its always a thrill when something different turns up.

  8. Costas - thank you. :-)

    Stu - ouch, but you do have some great beaches not too far from home.

    Dean - isn't he, though?

    Keith - I was quite happy to see them.

    Roy - They do! They would be in deep trouble if they weren't so cute ...

    John - I was very envious of your tadpoles and froglets earlier in the year. The cool thing about the comma is that I knew what it was from all the photos of them i had seen in others people's blogs!

    thanks to all for stopping by and leaving comments.


  9. Hi Wilma. Beautiful markings on the Frog and great to see one 'flutter' that I recognise. My attempts to get close to frogs recently in Cheryl's garden were totally thwarted by their agility..lol.

    BTW I loved the selection in the previous post especially the Buckeye.

    Have a great weekend. FAB.

  10. That frog is a beauty, Wilma, very attractiver markings!

    Well done on the visit from the Comma too :)

  11. Great looking frog Wilma, not hard to see how it got it's name. Much better looking than the ones that inhabit my small pond.
    I rather like the closed wings of the Comma, it shows off their great shape I think.

  12. Frank - I had to approach the frog very slowly. The wary frog is the successful frog!

    Jan - glad you like the frog. I saw another comma, too!

    Phil - the comma wings do have a lovely profile that shows up best when closed. I saw another one and was able to get closed and open in photos. See them in the next post.

    thanks all,


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