11 October, 2009

A Few More Birds

I am trying the newest version of the editor for this blog.  I hope it let's me place the photos more easily than the old one.  Here we go ...

I believe the photo below requires no explanantion other than the birds are American Gold Finches in their drab winter clothing.

Now, can I put the next photo where I want it?

Yes, that part works OK.  Above is a female Downy Woodpecker.  She lacks the red head-patch of the male.

And now we have a Blue Jay.  Most people don't care too much for blue jays.  I really like them, though.  They are lovely to look at and really quite smart.  The family that has lived here for the past 16 years (probably longer, but that is how long I have lived here to observe them) have learned to call like a red-tailed hawk.  That scares all the little birds away and give the jays clear access to the feeders.  Pretty clever.

I hope that this new editor will allow my blog readers to click on images to enlarge them.  It was like that before we went to Belize, but while in Belize that changed.  I haven't been able to figure out how to reset that feature.  I have my fingers crossed ...


  1. Excellent shot Willma. I love the blue jay. Thanks for passing by my blog,I could then discover yours!!

  2. Hi Wilma.
    It looks like you have cracked this Blog editor. Great photo's again, especially the Blue Jay.What a handsome devil.

  3. Hi again Wilma. I have just read your reply to the question I asked you and it did make me smile, so..... if I said I like your chickadees what would you say. Email me to let me know. :-)

  4. You've got some lovely garden visitors there Wilma. All from the comfort of your chair?
    Love the Blue Jay, and he does sound pretty smart with the mimicry.

    And they all enlarged for me when I clicked on them. :)

  5. LOVE the photos, Wilma. Great composition and lighting.

  6. Chris - thanks for stopping by and adding your kind comment.

    Ken - it is a handsome devil, isn't it? And you must stop being so naughty!

    Keith - yes, those were all from the comfort of my chair. So far the Blue Jay wins the prize.

    Nan - thanks for the compliment.

    Thanks to all for visiting.


  7. Lovely photos Wilma. Yes - the pictures enlarge just fine.

  8. Fantastic Images,my favourite is the Blue Jay.
    Also thank you for your comments on our Blog.
    Love looking in yours.

  9. The Downy Woodpecker is a real cutie. Lovely pictures, Wilma.

  10. John - thanks for letting me know that you can "click to enlarge". and thanks for the compliment, too. :-)

    John and Sue - it is mutual, then. ;-) The jay was the definite winner in this post.

    Thank you, Emma. Thanks for visiting.


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