Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Dawns

Tuesday dawns calm and warm.  If the clouds dissipate, the day will become quite hot as the sun climbs in the sky.  The still, early morning is my favorite time to walk the beach. Only one small boat, our neighbor Lloydie taking his lady to the village for the day, makes waves through the sea and the air. 
The sea is nearly flat with only the smallest of waves lapping the shore.  In the distance the rain softens the suns glare.
Twenty minutes later, the sun is behind the second tier of clouds, highlighting the cumulus clouds it has risen above into a sort of city-scape in the distance.
Birds are flying overhead; the herons, egrets, and storks en route from their roosts to their feeding grounds, while the various swallow are zooming around catching breakfast on the wing.
These woodstorks were in a party of five, four adults and one juvie, that flew from the lagoon behind us to the north.  Hmmm - that's where the shrimp farms are.  Coincidence?  I think not!
Tides here amount to only about 18 inches and with last night's calm sea, not too much washed up on the beach overnight. 
Whelk egg case, wet from the nighttime drizzle, glistens in the morning light.
Soon the silence will be broken by the sound of the generator and the construction.  For now, I am headed to the veranda to enjoy my morning tea before the business of the day begins.
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    1. Thanks, Roy. Hard to have a bad day when it starts like that.

  2. I run a blog for Smestow Valley LNR. I have started a nature network to protect our patches and coordinate wildlife surveys. Please could you email me at smestowsightings@gmail.com and I can send you more information. Regards, Chris Millward.


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